Why Mayfair Escorts Are A Delectable Treat

Mayfair, London

Mayfair escorts and Park Lane escorts really are a delectable and tempting treat for virtually any guy who appreciates the finer things in life.

You’re a hard working, top-earning London businessman which has a standard to carry on. You wear good-cut suits to work and attend corporate Giants daily as well as business lunches. You work and occasionally your social life needs to endure consequently.

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A Useful Guide – Conde Nast Luxury Travel Fair

If you’re attending the Conde Nast Luxury Travel Fair in November, or just planning ahead for 2016, here are all of the basics that you need to know to make your trip a success. There’s no better place to plan the most amazing luxury getaway of your dreams.

Luxury travel starts here – at the Conde Nast Luxury Travel Fair.




Learn From The Experts

Before you even begin to plan the vacation of a lifetime, why not get some expert advice? Conde Nast has brought together an amazing panel of travel experts who’ll let you in on their best secrets. Topics covered by a variety of industry leaders include Great British Railway Journeys, tribes of the world, wildlife and natural history photography, visiting the Galapagos Islands, the hottest 2016 travel destinations, pole to pole tours, traveling for the 2016 Olympic games, international teas, traveling in Iran, travel photography, chocolate tasting, visiting Kenya and Tanzania, the luxury ryokan experience, travel to Namibia, champagne tasting and more. As you can see, there are a variety of topics for every traveler and luxury aficionado, so both you and the high class escort on your arm will be satisfied with the options.



Be sure to check the exhibitor list out on the event website. Some of the best exhibitors that you’ll want to be sure to pick out include Azamara Club Cruises, Celebrity Cruises, Luxury Worldwide Collection, Oceania Cruises, Regent Seven Seas, Spice Land Holidays, the Seychelles Tourism Board, Viking Cruises and more. There’s a little bit for every traveler, whether you’re more into luxury travel, adventure travel, cruising or another one of the many options available.


All The Little Details

Of course, you can’t even get there if you don’t have all of the little details in check. Here’s what you need to know – the event is being held (for 2015, at least), November 5-8 at the Olympia Grand in Kensington (perfect for the Kensington escorts to tag along). Opening times are 10 a.m. until 6 p.m. every day except for Sunday, when the show closes at 5 p.m. You can get a discount if you book ahead of time online, which doesn’t really seem worth the trouble of printing out the ticket. Just pay the super-affordable £15.50 at the door.


Other Activities

In addition to all of the great exhibitors and travel expert panels, there are some pretty fun additional activities as well. Visit Mosimann’s Winter Restaurant, where you’ll receive a special bespoke menu that you’ll only find at the Luxury Travel Fair. The menu is exquisite and you can order brunch, lunch or afternoon tea. You don’t even have to make reservations. The Luxury Travel lunch menu includes Scottish smoked salmon and trout mousse, slow cooked turkey and chocolate mousse among other delicious options. You can also visit the Louis Roederer Champagne Bar, an elegant and sophisticated setting where you can find some of the best champagne in the world. This bar is actually set right into the center of the exhibit space, making it an easy escape as you peruse your travel options. Oh, and right next door is the Spirit of Christmas Fair, which is a cooperation between Conde Nast Traveler and House & Garden, so you can do all of your Christmas shopping in one place – from home décor gifts to fashion. You can also find the most decadent holiday treats for the perfect holiday party.



So who will you be rubbing elbows at this event? Of course you’ll have your luxury travelers and leisure aficionados, and most of them reflect the Conde Nast audience as a whole – educated, urban, wealthy, career-oriented and affluent. However, the VIPs are treated to an entirely different experience, through the Gold VIP campaign. Make sure your concierge gets you on this list. Also, there are a wide array of business people in the industry at the Fair who are just looking for new opportunities and advantages. Don’t miss yours!


9 Ways Escorts Make The Most Out Of The London Luxury Brand Shows

The Luxury Brand Show is your one-stop shopping destination for all the best brands from around the world but did you know there are a certain clientele of the show who need to dress in Luxury for their job ?

The Luxury Brand Show is part of The Elite London, a luxury event that provides everything anyone would ever need to experience only the finest things that life can offer. From high class escorts in high class clothing to supercars and private jets, they’ve got it all.

High Class fashion with high class escorts
High Class fashion with high class escorts


Pick Your Poison

The Luxury Brand Show and The Elite London event takes place over June 10-11, 2016 and offers only the best brands from around the world, regardless of what you’re into. Mix and mingle with the world’s wealthiest and their high class escorts as you pick out your next supercar or private plane. You want to make sure that you’re aware of everything the show has to offer before you jump right in, though. Take a look at all the goodies you’ll find on display.


Jet-Set Lifestyle

The Jet-Set Lifestyle portion of the show will have you simply dying for your own private or charter aircraft, whether for work or for pleasure. You can take a look at the best aircraft from only the best manufacturers and they’ll even let you take a free trial spin to make sure you like it. If you have a plane you’d like to get rid of, the show can make sure someone takes it off your hands at their pre-owned aircraft exhibit.


The Marine Showcase

The Marine Showcase is all about boats, boats, boats! All of the exhibitors are carefully selected to ensure that you’re only seeing the best of the best, which can offer you the latest and greatest in marine technology. If you already own one of these yachts or other floating kingdoms, you can even visit your brand’s vendor for a little Q&A about what makes your boat tick and the best ways to care for it.


Supercar Showcase

Test drive the cars you’ve been dreaming about at the Supercar Showcase portion of the show, as you peruse the myriad of brands and styles they have to offer. These are the cars that only the elite can afford to buy and then maintain, as much of the cost of owning one of these beasts is the maintenance. But just think how great you’ll look behind the wheel, gorgeous model escort in the passenger seat.


Luxury Brand Showcase

The actual Luxury Brand Showcase portion of the event will display a wide variety of luxury goods, from realty to fashion to art to travel options. Vendors that are on hand will be able to assist you and answer any questions, as well as give you free tests of the products available.



Know which exhibitors are going to be at the show so that you can be sure to visit the exhibits of your favorite brands. Some of our favorites include Aeris Aviation, Bose UK, Gulfstream, and Tesla.


Luxe Experiences

You can also take a break from your shopping to sign up for an amazing once in a lifetime luxury experience. Fly in a 2-seater Spitfire for some aerial acrobatics. Test-fly a private helicopter. Test drive one of the best and most recent models of luxury cars, including Mercedes and Porsche. Take the new, German Electrolyte bike for a spin. Visit the Champneys exhibit for a spa treatment.



There’s no need for you to drive to the event! Why drive when you can fly? Castle Air Helicopters is offering a shuttle from Barclays London Heliport to The Elite London event for only £195, which is a real steal.


The After Party

You know this wouldn’t be an exclusive event for the elite without a great after party. This soiree will be the perfect opportunity to network with the other London playmakers and businesspeople, as well as have a great time. A champagne reception kicks the party off at the event’s Hospitality Lounge, and then a helicopter will whisk you away to the landing pad in the city, where someone will be waiting to escort you to the secret party location.

8 Best Ways To Buy – Winter Antiques Show

Whatever you’re reason for browsing amongst Egyptian sculptures, vintage dresses, medieval paintings and more, you’ll find that the best place to be is at New York’s Winter Antiques Show. There are plenty of reasons to attend, but here are our 8 favorites. Here are our 8 favorite things about the best antique shopping of the year – all at the NYC Winter Antiques Show


New York’s Winter Antiques Show Is Just The It-Factor


The Winter Antiques Show will be celebrating its 62nd year of existence this January. This is the supreme place to buy antiques of any kind, with objects ranging from every historical period. If you’re going to buy a historical luxury item, do it here. Held at Park Avenue Armory in New York City, the exclusive event will last from January 22 until January 31, with daily admission until either 6 or 8 p.m., dependent upon the day. The show attracts a wide array of antique and art dealers and curators, perfect for collectors and first-time buyers who are interested in purchasing something stunningly lovely for their home, wife or girlfriend. While you’re hopping across the pond to do a little shopping, however, it’s the perfect opportunity for a weekend getaway with your favorite London escorts. They’ll be happy to go along for the ride, as long as you pick them up a bauble or two as well.


Make It Official


Of course, not every dealer is honest. However, you can rest assured that every single item that you find among the exhibit halls of Park Avenue Armory is verified, historically accurate and authentic. The show compiles a board of over 150 antiques experts from two different continents to closely inspect and regulate the items that are up for grabs, making sure that each and every customer walks away satisfied and smiling.


Spread The Wealth


Most gentlemen know that a bit of charity work on your resume never hurt. Why not make that charity work easy with a little bit of shopping that goes to a good cause? The Winter Antiques Show benefits East Side House Settlement, which helps those in impoverished situations better themselves via the means of technology and education. While the actual purchases made do not go straight to the charitable organization, your entrance fee to the event and ticket sales from the accompanying parties go straight to East Side House Settlement.


More To Choose From


Want to shop for your antiques in one singular place that has it all? Then look no further than the Winter Antiques Show. The exhibitors cover so many different specialties that you won’t know where to look first. You’re sure to find some of your favorite types of items, as well as discover new ones you had no idea existed. Some of the specialties of the present exhibitors include (but are hardly limited to) 20th century decorative arts, Oceanic art, American folk art, arms and armour, carpets and rugs, clocks, books and manuscripts, garden ornaments, snuffboxes, European ceramics and wallpaper.


Party Hard


As you probably already have realize, when the elite and rich converge in one place, whether it be for an antiques show or a sporting event, there’s sure to be plenty of nightlife fun and parties. The same holds true for the Winter Antiques Show. Try the opening night party, where the upper tier mixes and mingles over top shelf cocktails, hors d’oeuvres and art. Then, have your way at Young Collectors Night, where the new money, trust fund recipients and young royalty meet with interior designers and are treated to their own private show viewing. You’ll want to make sure you’re in contact with a qualified high class escort agency beforehand to ensure you have a beautiful date on your arm for this wide array of fashionable happenings.


VIP Days


You know you’re a VIP, so make sure you’re treated like one. The show hosts several VIP days, during which favored guests are invited to view the exhibits before the let the riffraff in. Exclusive tours and a catered lunch are offered to set the day apart, while you peruse the exhibit floor with other likeminded individuals.


Discover The Forgotten


One of the best parts of visiting a very large antiques and arts show such as this is all of the little secrets that you can uncover. A lot of the exhibitors have pieces that any trained eye would love, but that many people know nothing about. These are the kinds of items that are perfect for the interesting man’s mantelpiece or wall – the kinds of centerpieces and wall hangings that are conversation starters rather than dust collectors.


See And Be Seen


Don’t be surprised if you’re asked for a photo or are interrupted mid-conversation for a press member to snap a photo of your companion. This is a place where those who want to be seen show up. From politicians to famous families, designers to celebrities and supermodels, they’ll all make an appearance. You’ll want to be there when they do, if just at least to soak up a little of their limelight for yourself.